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"It’s not the virus that wipes out our lives – it is the hatred that forced us on our knees. It's called racism. Racism kills." Ro Yassin




Voices Without Borders is a platform where every displaced person can voice their stories in their own narrative, sparking a dialogue to create a sense of unity. We are all equal and we can all become displaced. Our mission is to create a space where the journey of a displaced person can be better understood. 

Why? We believe that through raising awareness, we can overcome existing stigma around forced migration and ignite solidarity. By inviting displaced people to share their story in their own narrative, we want to celebrate their strength, resilience and courage. We believe that understanding and compassion come with education; our goal is to publish stories as well as deliver interactive workshops that will spark dialogues, encourage reflections and help each other to connect. We are three friends that met in Brighton in 2018 during our masters in Development Studies at the University of Sussex. 


Alicia Chen has worked as a freelance journalist and writer covering migrant and refugee issues since 2016. Her journalism journey began when she had a chance to get on a refugee rescue boat and write down the stories of refugees from there. Since then, she began reporting and documenting the lives of refugees across the Mediterranean, Lebanon, Greece, UK, Cambodia and Taiwan. She is also a contributing writer for Italy-based NPO Migrants of the Mediterranean.


Joss Duncan is a documentary photographer currently based in London. Since volunteering with Choose Love in Calais back in 2018, he has been inspired to set up a project that works with and documents the lives of refugees across the world. Joss is a strong advocate of a community-led approach that tackles injustice and provides the power, decisions and resources to the people that need it most. He is very passionate about sharing people’s stories through the lens of photography and has worked on local projects in South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Nicaragua as a result. 

Ewa Lelontko is based in Brighton and works as a community builder for RISE, a Sussex-based charity supporting people affected by domestic violence. She spent the last 4 years strengthening local communities in South Africa, India and the UK and is passionate about supporting those whose voice goes unheard. Her master’s thesis focused on analysing how the integration of refugees and migrants into society could be improved globally.


All artwork by Syrian artist Omar Alassoura


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